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As Akbank Sanat, one of the leading art institutions of Turkey,
It was crucial for us to create a well crafted social media communication.
Our communication gathered content from famous acts from different
disciplines. We covered the exhibitions that we hosted,
Akbank Jazz Festival, Akbank Short Film Festival and many other events.

We not only prepared content to introduce our events, but we
also celebrated the birthdays of some timeless icons like
Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Philip Glass, John Berger and
John Coltrane.

We didn’t forget about the milestones and special days like The
Day The First Jazz Album Recorded, The 150th Anniversary of
Photography and World Theatre Day.

We shared illustrations, collages, pushed the creative limits to
create a vibrant Instagram page. We enriched the visual content
with interviews of the stellar acts that graced the stages of our
festivals and increased our interplatform engagement rates by
driving traffic to our YouTube page.

The effort we made to make everything special appreciated not
only by the industry professionals but by everyone.

Of course, we did not stand idly by after receiving great feedback
from our followers. We made them small surprises.

We have created a social media project in scope of 13th Akbank
Short Film Festival called “From Drawing to Films” and as a result
of this project, we awarded one of our followers a journey to
Berlin Film Festival.

We have also worked with more than 20 different artists from
graffiti artist Caleb Neelon to musician Senon Williams in our
“Visions from Jazz, Sounds from the City” project which was
prepared as an Instagram exhibition.

IN 2017










Once again, we are glad that art
shall not be for the sake of art,

but art is for

sharing and enjoying all the
colours of life.